Simple is Good

If building a container infrastructure you have two choices: Look, but don't touch (and hope it keeps working); or assemble from pieces and have a multi-month project tie up your most valuable people. As something to increase development velocity and decrease operations overhead, this would seem to be less than ideal.
Surely it doesn't have to be this hard?

20ft is different. Simplicity and light weight pervade its design and user experience. Availability as a CloudFront stack means a fresh install can be up and going in five minutes and has no additional dependencies to manage. As you grow, the multi-tenanted nature and garbage collection facilities ensure a very hands off approach to administration. Security is through public/private keys (there are no usernames or passwords),

20ft acts as a pure compute/storage resource. Orchestration is through writing a lightweight (Python) app that connects to the resource through a secure channel. As a non-opinionated framework, 20ft presents the basic building blocks of container architecture in their simplest form then steps out of the way - no DSL, no guessing behaviour, just tell it what to do.

There's a command line alternative, plenty of examples, complete documentation, and you can have yourself and your team up and running by the end of the day.

Development is greatly simplified. 20ft can launch a container with an ssh and sftp without having to run a server in the container itself - no more ssh'ing onto a node, and your IDE can connect directly to the container itself.
The ability to quickly reboot a container and reset the state of the filesystem is ideal for automated testing.

20ft is proudly made in New Zealand by people who do rather than talk.

Photograph cc licensed from Florian Timm

For more information contact: David Preece.